About us!!!

We are the Larimar Stone Team!

We have been there since 2007.

Everything started with a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Then came the first stone and it drew us into the spell it was like a destiny. So we started doing a little repair shop. The first cabochons were ready and were offered on eBay. It was only very hesitant, because the Larimar was not yet known at the time. So had a website with a shop.

2007 Born was www.larimar-stone.com. The first sales on the site went well and it got better and better. Now we decided to also offer Larimar jewelery.

2008 We bought the jewelry locally in Barocou not far from the mine. The jewelry was well received by our customers. However, we wanted to improve and offer even better quality than the ones on the ground.

2010 You may already think what is coming now. Exactly new workshop larger modern and with own jewelery production.

2011 Since our own brand has emerged Yamir Larimar Jewelry. The brand is defined by best quality, high quality workmanship, top design and all silver jewelery have a minimum proportion of 925-950 silver. The Yamir series has been our biggest success so far, which we want to expand and increase. In order to further distribute the Yamir brand, we have decided to switch to direct sales. New page, new sales form, new prices, new products.

2016 the first Larimar Showroom in Barahona that is about 20 minutes drive away from the mine.

2017 Start direct sales.