Information about the Larimar and our products

The photos displayed above show the item exactly as it appears. Meaning they are the actual photos of the item. All of Larimar-Stone jewelry is 100% handmade by gifted artisans using all their experience and craft to combine individually handcrafted settings with high-grade, hand-cut gemstones. Because each piece is one-of-a-kind, don't delay placing your order to avoid the disappointment of missing out. Nothing is more special than wearing a truly unique piece of true-handcrafted jewelry.

Information about our stones

Each stone is a uniqueness. All stones come directly from the Dominican Republic and have been carefully sanded in our workshop. Our Larimar stones are sourced directly from the mine and are always in close contact with the operators. We only purchase first-class and specially selected stones.

Information about jewelry

  1. With us you get high quality silver jewelry.
  2. All our jewels are made of 925 or 950 silver.
  3. Everything is processed by hand, high quality and noble.


  1. All photos of our products were photographed by ourselves and are protected by copyright.
  2. The pictures are true to the original of the product.
  3. You always get exactly the pictured items. (Exceptions are always in the description)


Dominican Republic is the only place in the world and the stocks are already largely exhausted, so every single piece of Larimar increases in value over the years.

Impact / importance

Overall L a r i m a r is associated with the Fifth Chakra and the Deva of the Blue Ray. He works to bring truth to the communications process.

The Larimar stimulates the physical and mental self-healing powers in us. Much of what is stuck and dammed up, he can move and thus bring to dissolution.

Discover your self-healing powers with the Larimar.The Larimar fits ideally in the today's time of change.It stands for transformation, creation and transformation.

The Larimar accompanies and supports you in your thinking and acting.Learn to open emotions and to recognize opportunities faster.Use the power of Atlantis today for yourself ..

Cleaning / charging

Clean your Larimar under running water or put it in a clear stream for a few hours.

In no case put in salt water as the salt removes the color and the shine.

If you have the impression that your Larimar has brightened. Do not worry, the Larimar is a mineral and needs moisture from time to time. Just put the stone in the fridge or freezer overnight and let yourself be surprised.

Important NOTE!

On many pages is reported that you should put the Larimar in the sun for charging. That's a fatal mistake.

Sun and drought deprive Larimar of its power, energy and color.

If Larimar is exposed to drought for too long, it will brighten and it will deprive it of its energy.

The Larimar comes from a humid and tropical climate and in the mountains where it is mined, it is most very cool.